Ami and Yumi
Ami and Yumi
Ami and Yumi: Rockstar Twin


Cartoon Network


HiHi Puffy AmiYumi Show

Appears in

HiHi Puffy AmiYumi Show Episode 1


Pucca & Panty/Stocking


Heihachi & Scanty/Kneesock

Ami is one of the members of the rock band Puffy. She the drummer, but sometimes vocalist or guitarist. Yumi is the second member of the rock band Puffy. She is the guitarist.



B = Cereal Toss: Ami throw her Strong Boxs of Cereal at her enemy, Giving him 6 to 11 Damage

Side + B = Dive: Ami dived into an Enemy, Giving Him 7 to 13 Damage

Up + B = Comic Writing: Ami write a Comic Text Bubble and Use it as a Platform to get to higher place.

Down + B = Switch: Ami switch place with Yumi


B = Sound Wave: Yumi blast a Sound Wave at her Enemy, Giving him 5 to 10 Damage and Also Stun him

Side + B = Sneeze: Yumi Sneeze at her Enemy, Giving Him 6 to 9 Damage and Poisoning him for a While

Up + B = Ninja Jump: Yumi Quickaly Put on her Ninja Outfit and Jump with Great speed

Note: Yumi use her Sword to Attack her Enemy, Giving him 8 to 13 Damage

Down + B = Switch: Yumi switch place with Ami

Final Smash = Mecha AmiYumi: Ami and Yumi enter Their Robotic Droid and Attack 1 or 2 Enemy infront of Them.

Classic Mode Story

Ami & Yumi are in the Pink Palace Cheeseburger to see the ancient Cheeseburger in the entire universe but Scanty & Kneesocks stoles the ancient Cheeseburger so its up to Ami & Yumi to stop them


Ami and Yumi are in a band and yet We can only find their Intro Theme

Ami love getting a Collectable Prizes

Yumi love getting a Cheeseburger from Pink Palace

Yumi discribe how bad the TV shows we got now are Terrible

Ami is probably a Lesbian (You never see her loving a guy)


Super Smash Bros Lawl Ultimate - Ami and Yumi

Super Smash Bros Lawl Ultimate - Ami and Yumi

Ami and Yumi Moveset

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