Amy Rose
Amy Rose
Amy Rose: The Pink Hedgehog




Sonic X

Appears in

Sonic X Episode 1


Pucca & Cosmo the Seedrian


Mephiles and Frollo


Amy Rose goes in a orgasm way and rips her entire clothes off.


B = Milkenisis: Amy Rose's breasts became giant. During this move, she can't move, but she can control milk from her breasts. Pressing B will penetrate to the female's nipples to make bigger and unable to move for the entire match. Pressing A will grab the female and milk her breasts to restore Amy's heath to 999%. After 20 seconds, she shoots milk and her breasts restore to its normal selfs.

Side + B = Breast Slap: Amy Rose swings her breasts to her female opponent, dripping milk from her nipples. If closer, the female will begin feeding Amy's breasts for 10 seconds, after passing, the female will recieve the same size of Amy' breasts.

Up + B = Rocket Milk: Amy Rose's nipples became 4 dicknipples and rockets upwards by shooting milk. Nothing much about it, but if the female is under her during the move, she will drink her milk and her breasts gets bigger. Her 4 dicknipples will stay for the entire match, increasing milk power, and more control during her neutral b.

Down + B = Dress Power: Amy Rose gets out her topless dress to fall in love with a female, then the female rips her clothes and feeds herself until her breasts grows in the size of Vanilla the Rabbit.

Final Smash = Milk Explosion: Amy Rose's breasts grows bigger in the size of Saturn and her nipples became 50000 long horse dicknipples, which does a huge milk explosion and all females goes in a orgasm way.


  1. Amy fingers her nipples, pretending to be a penis
  2. Leaves the screen, naked.
  3. Amy has her nipples growing uncontrollaby.



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