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AngryJoe is a contributor on, primarily in Blistered Thumbs. He is known for being over the top, and often for being more crazy than angry.


B = Force Lightning: Angry Joe use the Power of the Force to Shock your Enemy, Giving him 5 - 9 in Electric Damage

Note: You can also Absorb energys from Shields to Regenerate Health (Charade Down + B move got more Energy)

Side + B = Curse Blast: Angry Joe say a Swear at his enemy, Giving him 3 - 15 Damage depend on How you hold it

Note: If you Charge it all the Way, You can preform a Curse Cannon, Giving Enemy 13 - 18 Damage

Up + B = Joe-iport: Angry Joe Teleport to eather a Higher Place to a place to avoid Death...Like Zelda Up + B Move

Down + B = Dual Machine : Angry Joe get out his Dual Mechine Guns(Seen in Kickassia) to Shoot His Enemy, Giving him 7 - 9 Damage per Shot

Note: You must be under an Enemy

Final Smash = Red Lantern Joe: When Angry Joe get his Anger to the max, He Become the most Deadly Thing ever to be form, He Shoot Red Lazer at His Enemy and Will Fly around. This only last for a Few Seconds

Classic Mode Story

What Angry Joe wants is the universe Greatest Game Ever to be put on Earth, He will Fight Countless of Enemys to Find What He looking for.


  • Angry Joe is The 2nd Real Life Lawler Character made (First was Tourettes Guy)
  • Angry Joe is like the Angry Video Game Nerd, Exsept He Less Angry and Reveiw Latest Games instead of Classic
  • Angry Joe was in Mugen as a palleteswap to Kyo Kusanagi from King of Fighters
  • Angry Joe used to have a pet Monkey that was Murdered by a Gaurd
  • The Worst Games that Angry Joe evered played is Sonic Free Rider and Mindjack
  • Angry Joe Really Hates 3D


Super Smash Bros Lawl Ultimate - Angry Joe

Super Smash Bros Lawl Ultimate - Angry Joe

Angry Joe Moveset


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