Neutral B: crowbar Austin grabs a crowbar of the ground then attacking if the Handel is red that mean as it's going to do 5% if it's blue i10% if it's yellow 15% if it's green 20% if it's black 50% you can charge up the attack if a opponent hits you while you charge up,or start the attack will be canceled

Side B: turbo skates Austin will grab his turbo skates making him go forward for 10 seconds it will be canceled it you hit a opponent you can stop manually by pressing B you can change directions on the turbo skates and even jump jumping on a floating platform will rain down pebbles from the platform attacking anyone under it

Up B fling Austin will be stuck between two gears after pressing up B again Austin will escape and will go flying your can stay between the gears but Don,t stay between them to long or they will blow up canceling the attack opponents can be attacked by the gears

Down B: flop Austin will wear his Jr Jesus hat that will make him flop to the ground if you flop on someone from a high platform the opponent will get trapped in the dirt doing the flop near a ledge will make him flop on the nearest wall sticking to it in till the player presses B or after 5 seconds

Final smash: super growth Austin will drink a growing potion then he will grow to super size and kick the opponents on a building then Austin will get to the building press B to punch press side B to throw a van press up B to do a super cut press down B to stomp of course Austin will be invincible after 20 seconds he will return to normal form and everyone will jump back to the stage


A punch

A side happy sword

A down umbrella

A up line up pearls 

KO soundsEdit

Normal KO 1: ouch

Normal KO 2: hey watch it!!!!


Screen KO: woah! oof!


Up taunt: I'm looking up for no reason

Side taunt: ©Austin Inc.

Side taunt (only against vinny) oh hey vinny 

Down taunt: (elevator music plays)

victry/loosening animationsEdit

Victory animation 1: I FEAL SO ALIVE!!!!!

Victory animation 2: sorry... but there's no Santa Claus here

Victory animation 3: hmm a trophy I could sell this for $99'99

Victory animation 4 (only against vinny): Ha!!! I knew I was the best brother um err well we're both the best... actually

Victory animation 5 (only against steven): good job bro bro I had fun!!! Pretending

Victory animation 6 (only against mama): hmm...a trophy I'll give this to mama

Victory animation 7 (only against ryan): hey can I have your Xbox one?

Loseing/clapping animation: (slams face on ground)

misc Edit

Ledge attack: blue berry bomb

Super spicy curyed: takes out fire perahnna plant 

Shield: wears a giant capsule

Sleeping: sleeps on a pillow

Entrence: rides a escape pod that blows up on the ground


Name description
Austin who lives in,a pineapple under the... oh yeah that's spongebob it's Austin I get,con fused with their personalitys anyways Austin is the the older brother of Ginny and steven
Super power growth ok.... this is hard to explain when Austin drinks a super growth energy drink he grows to giant size taller then the Tokyo tower he's so big that no attack will defeat him only when he drinks the shrink soda he will return to normal size