Charade: The Floating Eyeball




Soul Calibur

Appears in

Soul Calibur 2


Frollo and Lizard Man


Yoshimitsu and Nightmare

Charade is a Monster in Soul Calibur 2. a Floating Eyeball in a Burning Skeleton, With the Ability to Copy everybody moves


B = Move Steal: Charade steal the move of Anyone B Move.

Note: The Damage is the Same as the Enemy B Move and you can changed back by pressing the Taunt Button

Note: You must be to the person you want to copy (or you might get the wrong one)...also, Don't do it with someone who also have the ability to Copy Moves

Side + B = Flip Kick: Charade do a flip kick on his enemy, Giving them 7 to 13 Damage

Up + B = Eye Lift: Charade turn into an Eyeball and float to the platform. Was Only used to prevent falling

Down + B = Power Sheild: Charade summon a Strong Long Lasting Sheild to protect himself from enemy attack

Note: The Longer you stay, The More damage you gain, and It cannot block throws

Final Smash = Final Steal: Much like Move Steal, Final Steal is where Charade steal the enemy Final Smash move.

Note: Like before, You must be close to the person you want to copy, Someone like Pinkie Pie or Amy Rose

Classic Mode Story

Charade has comeback to life & he wants to destroy Abyss so he can obtain his powers


Charade was the Hardest Character to make so far (Moving Camera)

Charade is somewhat related to the Soul Edge

Charade made another Aperance in Soul Calibur 3 as a Mission Character (in 3 Forms: Nomal, Leg, and Eyeball)


Super Smash Bros Lawl Ultimate - Charade

Super Smash Bros Lawl Ultimate - Charade

Charade Moveset



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