Ed: The Strongest Idoit


Cartoon Network


Ed Edd n Eddy

Appears in

Ed Edd n Eddy Episode 1


Pinkie Pie and Edd(Eddworld)


Chowder and Heavy


Ed is a Guy from Ed Edd n Eddy, He is consiter the Dumbest Charater on the show, and we all love him for it. He is stronger(and taller) then his friends, and He consiter the first kid who never took a bath in 3 weeks


B = Woodpecker: Ed Slam his Face to the ground giving his enemy 6% Damage

Note: You can do it more then once

Side + B = Ed-Row: Ed use his pant as a Bow and himself as an Arrow. Giving the enemy 8% Damage

Note: You must hit something or else you'll fly out of the screen.

Up + B = Air Ed: Ed Inflate Himself and use himself as a balloon by flying for a few seconds. It was used to prevent you from falling

Down + B = Break Over: Ed throw a Wooden Door at the enemy giving him 7% Damage

Note: It can only go Sideway

Final Smash = Rage Ed: Ed get in Rage and Scream at the enemy, Making the Enemy Fly out of the Screen.

Note: It won't work on enemys Below or Above you

Classic Mode Story



Ed is the First SSBLU Character to be Made

His Friends got the Same First 2 Letters (Ed, Edd, Eddy)

He Strong and let his Baby Sister can beat him up

Ed is like Curly from the Three Stooges (Edd is like Larry(but smarter) and Eddy is like Moe)

His pet Chess was killed by Eddy when He toss it into the Water

His Toy can Spit out Fire


Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Ed

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Ed

Ed Moveset


Ed Trophy


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