John/collaterale1: Best friend of I0LOVE0AMY0ROSE




The John Show

Appears in

The John Show Episode 1


Cosmo the Seedrain & Amalia


Ugo the italian guy & John(Bizzaro Outfit)

John is a character that was debut in My first time using Goanimate,later he gets his own show,he created his account in august 8 2009


B = Laser Attack: John blasts his Laser at an Enemy, Giving him 6 - 10 Damage

Note: You can only use it for 5 Seconds, Then you have to wait a few to recharge

Side + B = Kay the Bodygaurd: John summons his Bodygaurd Kay to throw his Shuriken at the Enemy, Giving him 6 - 13 Damage

Note: You have to wait a few before using him again

Up + B = Jetpack: John gets out a Jetpack Gwonam gave him and use it to Get to High places or to prevent death, It's Also Controlable (Fly for a few)

Down + B = Laptop Trap: John puts down a Laptop with a Virus that who ever touches it will self destruct, Giving the Enemy 7 - 14 Damage

Note: You can only spawn One Laptop Trap.

Final Smash = Giga Attack: Him and Kay fuse their powers to make One Strong Long Lasting Blast to Finish off their Enemy.

Classic Mode StoryEdit

John starts to get bored,but Abyss copies his DNA & ressurect Bizzaro John,so its up to John to stop him & save the world again.


John save Lawl from a lost Sony Vegas Trial

John clips was made with GoAnimate

Like I0LOVE0AMY0ROSE, John have a HUGH Crush on a Sonic Character. (I0LOVE0AMY0ROSE love Amy Rose(It in the Name) and John love Cosmo the Seedrain)

John is the first character from youtube

John aways saves the world from his arch-nemesis Ugo the italian guy

his username was collaterale1

He (along with Pinkie Pie) were removed from the game and then returned


Super Smash Bros Lawl Ultimate - John collaterale1

Super Smash Bros Lawl Ultimate - John collaterale1

John Moveset



Brown = Dr. Who?!?

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