Master Shake
Master Shake
Master Shake: God of Stealing Credit


Adult Swim


Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Appears in

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Episode 1


Tommy Wesiau and Meatwad


Meatwad(formely) and Gannon X

Master Shake is the self-proclaimed leader of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and one of the four protagonists of the series, alongside Frylock, Meatwad, and Carl. Almost always the catalyst of what happens in each episode, Shake is exceedingly cruel towards most people (especially Meatwad). In addition he can sometimes be rather upset if he doesn't get his way. He has a great love of late-night horror movies... but he is terrified of vampires and most other scary monsters. Later in Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1, he is much more friendly and stopped causing trouble and torturing Meatwad.


B = Buddy Nugget: Shake use Frylock Buddy Nugget to Clone his Enemy to Attack.

Note: Like Charade but Random Move instead of the original B move

Side + B = Chair Kick: Shake Kick his Chair and it land on his Enemy, Giving 8 - 14 Damage

Note: Damages are depend How far the Chair is

Up + B = Inflate: Shake inflate himself to get to high places

Down + B = Dance Spin: Shake breakdance, Hitting his Enemy, Giving him 6 Damage per hits

Final Smash = JUICE: Peformed by the Blood Feast Island Pansy

Classic Mode Story

Master Shake got Pissed off by Meatwad so he decided to destroy him for good




Super Smash Bros Lawl Ultimate - Master Shake

Super Smash Bros Lawl Ultimate - Master Shake

Master Shake Moveset

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