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Pucca Episode 1


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??? and Madotsuki

Like Garu, Pucca doesn't speak. Pucca instead communicates with giggling, kissing, growling sounds, and occasional short words like "hello", "tada", and "yu huh!" and she has cheared "A-B-Y-O" when they both acted as cheerleaders in the episode Ninjitsu for Dummies. She and Garu also both sing in Hooray for Bollywood! (their voices, however, are completely different than the occasional noises that they make).


B = Strong Wind: Pucca blow making a Wind pushing the enemy back while also giving them 5 to 8 Damage

Note: Don't hold it too long, or you'll pass out, get 2 to 5 damage and be stunned for a few

Side + B = Scooter: Pucca goes into her Scooter and Drive around(Like Wario Bike exsept it not Takeable or Breakable) and give your enemy 7 to 13 Damage

Up + B = Kite: Pucca use her Kite to fly into the Sky(Like Meta Knight). Only Used to Prevent Falling

Down + B = Plant: Pucca send out a Man Eating Plant to eat anyone near it. giving him 5 to 7 damage for every seconds

Final Smash = Noodle Girl: Pucca use her Magic Wand and Transform into the Hero Noodle Girl. She Use her Noodle Whip to make a Tornado, Grab Someone, Drag him to the Dirt, and Toss Him Out.

Classic Mode Story

{Put in a Story of Garu getting Kiddnaped by someone}


Pucca was on the Show with the Same Name

Pucca was Sad when Disney turn into Disney XD and Removed Jetix

Pucca is Related to Amy Rose by One Thing: They Both do Anything to Get the Guy (Amy with Sonic and Pucca with Garu)

She was Struck by a Lighting Bolt and Aculy got Hurt

She did had her Head Swaped with a T-Rex


Super Smash Bros Lawl Ultimate - Pucca

Super Smash Bros Lawl Ultimate - Pucca

Pucca Moveset


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