Subspace mode is Exactly like the Original, but with a few changes

Swap CastEdit

Tiny as Bowser

Ginyu as Capt Falcon

Bender as Diddy Kong

Leela as Donkey Kong

Pucca as Falco

Ching as Fox

Mephiles as Ganon

Ami & Yumi as Ice Climber

Syafiq Iqbals as Ike

Saluk as King DeDeDe

Toon Jigglypuff as Kirby

Rainbow Dash as Link

Charade as Mewtwo Lucario

Mabel as Lucas

Master Shake as Luigi

Angry Joe as Mario

John as Marth

Rasputin as Meta Knight(who own SIN for some reason)

Kuromaru as Mr Game and Watch

Teddy Rubskin as Ness

Beavis as Olimar

Amy Rose as Peach

Jenny as Pikachu

Pan as Pit

60's Spiderman as Poke. Trainer

Combot as R.O.B

Maximo as Samus

Reptile as Snake

Stocking as Sonic

Malcolm Landgraab as Wario

Flame Princess as Yoshi

Pinkie Pie as Zelda/Shiek


SIN Army(from Final Fantasy X)

The Monkey(from Ape Escape)

Yellow Turban Rebellion(from Dystiny Warriors 2)

Prana(from the Unholy War*PS1*)

Megaprana(from the Unholy War*PS1*)

Machine's (From Mann vs. Machine on TF2)

Heartless (From Kingdom Hearts)

  • still W.I.P*


Giant Prana Plant(from Brawl, Save Amy or Pinkie Pie)

Monkey Mother Ship(from Ape Escape)

Jaeger(from The Unholy War)

Zhang Jiao(from Dystiny Warrior 2)

Symbiote Doc Ock(from Spiderman 64*2000*)

Mario Head

Giygas(replace Tabuu)

  • Still W.I.P*

Hidden Character(Beat the Game first)Edit

Akuma(from Street Fighter)

Ralph(from Wreck it Ralph)

Cream(from Sonic X)Servbot(from Megaman)

Wakko Clown

Cpend7 (Newcomer)

  • Anyone else who wasn't a character in story mode*