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Tourettes Guy
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Tourettes Guy

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The Best of Tourettes Guy 1


John and Nicolas Cage


Omega Red and Gaston

The Tourettes Guy fad takes Danny, an internet phenomenon who allegedly has Tourette Syndrome, and adds him into other famous ytmnd fads, or replaces original song lyrics or quotes with his. It would appear as though the Tourettes Guy Fad originated on ytmnd in the of Summer 2005. His website,, was launched in 2000 so it is difficult to determine the precise time when the material made its way to ytmnd.


B = Beer Throw: Tourettes Guy throw a Beer Bottle at his Enemy, Giving him 5 to 9 Damage

Side + B = Bitch Punch: Tourettes Guy throw a Punch at his enemy that is more stronger then a Nomal Attack. Giving the enemy 8 to 12 Damage

Up + B = Chair Jump: Tourettes Guy jump on his Chair and go up to the Platform. Was Made to Prevent Falling

Note: The Chair can be used as a Weapon, Giving the Enemy 12 to 15 Damage

Down + B = Beer Spill: Tourettes Guy spill his beer(or in the turm That White stuff on the floor) and who ever step on it will be stuned for a while.

Note: You can only add 2 of these

Final Smash = Super Bitch Punch: Tourettes Guy get so frusterated by the fact someone ruined his poster, piss on the tolet seat and hid his car keys, He throw a Punch that is so strong, It even stronger then the nomal bitch punch

Classic Mode Story

Abyss steals Danny's beer as treasures but Danny get really pissed of so he decided to kill Abyss & Get his Beers back


Tourettes Guy was thought to be dead, but turn out he was just in prison

The One thing he hate is people talking about Bigfoot (Quote: Who give a shit about bigfoot?)

Tourettes Guy Baraly Change his Shirt

Tourettes Guy agure with his Father and His Ex-Wife

Tourettes Guy figare out that he likes beer

Tourettes Guy know that Pissing out of the Window and Shitting out of the Window are 2 diffrent things


Super Smash Bros Lawl Ultimate - Tourettes Guy

Super Smash Bros Lawl Ultimate - Tourettes Guy

Tourettes Guy Moveset

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