move setEdit

Neutral B: hammer slammer vinny pulls out a hammer if it's a black top it does 10% if it has a futuristic top it does 50% damage you can charge up the attack

Side B: marshmallow toss vinny tosses a marshmallow if it's normal it will do normal damage 10-50 chance you get an ice cube which will freeze opponents 12-50 chance you will get a burnt marsh mallow which burns opponents 25-50 chance you'll get a shocked marshmallow which will sting opponents you can charge up the attack for more damage and higher range

Up B:tree jump vinny will get a tree and flip on it a green tree Wil do 10%  a orange/red tree will do 34% a pink tree will do 65%

Done B:whatch tv  vinny will watch tv on his tablet vinny will slowly regain health the attack will stop if someone hits you you can quit manually by pressing B

Final smash:crossover chaos vinny will kick the opponents  and pressing B will change the costume on the Mario costume press side B to shoot a fire ball on the link costume press side B to shoot an arrow on the kirby costume press side B to shoot a star