Wakko Clown
Super smash bros lawl ultimate wakko clown by jonthecat-d5eu9k9
Wakko Clown: The First Scary Pervert Lawler


Warner Bros



Appears in

Animaniacs: Clown and Out


Pinkie Pie & The Three Stooges


Gaston, Amy Rose & Cpend7

Wakko Clown is A Guy in Animaniacs who was Asignned to be Wakko Clown. He was best known for Failing to Make Someone Happy, Getting Hitted by a Hammer, and Pervertaly Peek through a Door watching 2 People having Sex.


B = Pocket Checking: The Clown Check is Pocket for any Random Items

Note: Unlike CDi Link, You Will not get anything Special. (EX: A Final Smash Ball and an Assist Trophy)

Side + B = Balloon Cannon: The Clown take out his Balloon Cannon to Blast his Enemy, Giving Him 7 - 12 Damage

Note: You have to wait 5 Seconds before using it again

Up + B = : The Clown fly up on his Rocket, Hitting his Enemys, Giving him 8 - 13 Damage

Note: You'll give the Enemy Extra Damage for Explodtion Damage(Explodtion will not Hurt You)

Down + B = Clown Car: The Clown Enter his little Clown Car and Run over his Enemys, Giving them 7 - 12 Damage

Note: You can Control it and you need to press Down + B again to change back.

Final Smash = Scary Clown: The Clown will walk close to an Enemy and Give Him the Scariest Face, Fearing Them to Death

Classic Mode Story

The Clown get Rehired to tried to Get Everyone to Like Clown, But Also Tried to Cheer Gaston and Amy before they Sued the Place for having someone Watch Them though the Door.


The Clown Only Appear in One Episode, So He the First Lawler that a Side Character

The Clown is a Pervert for Watching 2 People having Sex through the Door (It why Gaston and Amy hate him XD)

The Clown is Scary Only to His Boss, Wakko, and Some of the Lawlers (They Eather Hate Clowns or They Hate him for being a Perv)

The Clown will Not Bite Anyone and Throw them in the Basement

The Clown is not a Big Spider (Trust me, The Only Spider Clown is the Bad CGI from IT(Watch the Nostalgia Critic Review))

He Disapear in a Rocket, Legend Said He still entertain Aliens Kids in Space

Cpend7 is Scared of him (Becase he Scared of Clown's)


Super Smash Bros Lawl Ultimate - Wakko Clown

Super Smash Bros Lawl Ultimate - Wakko Clown

Wakko Clown Moveset


Wakko Clown Trophy


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